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There are more species of rodent than of any other animal group both in the world and in North America. Nearly 40 percent of all mammal species are rodents, making them among the most successful animals on earth. They range in size from mice weighing less than ten g to the beaver that can weigh up to 49.5 km.

Rodents have many special features. All rodents have one pair of upper and lower chisel-shaped 'incisor' teeth that are covered with hard enamel on the front and a softer substance like bone on the back. As the rodent gnaws, the backs of the chisel-shaped teeth wear away faster to maintain a sharp edge. The incisors grow all of the time or continuously. If the rodent does not keep gnawing, the front incisors will grow right out of its mouth and prevent it from eating. The incisors might cause death by growing inwards into the jaw or skull.

Rodents have no pointed teeth called canine teeth. There is a gap between the front incisors and the molars. Rodents can curl back their lips out of the way of the sharp front teeth into the gap between the front teeth. This leaves the front teeth bare. It makes it easier for the rodent to gnaw hard food or wood without injuring its mouth. It also helps keep unwanted wood, nut shells and soil from being eaten along with the food.

Most rodents, but not all, have four toes on the front feet and five toes on the back feet. Most rodents are nocturnal (awake at night). Rodents, as a group, are very active and must eat much food. During the winter when food is scarce, most Ontario rodents hibernate (see hibernation). Some, such as the chipmunk, store foods and wake from a deep sleep to eat from time to time

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