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Turkish Angoras

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The Turkish Angora is an ancient natural breed that has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since its reintroduction to the West in the 1960s. Graceful, playful, loving, loyal, and gentle are words enthusiasts use to describe this cat. Angoras are also extremely busy, always on the move. They'll check in with you for about five seconds--until something else catches their attention.

The Angora is a small to medium cat, lithe and fine-boned, with a long, graceful body and a long, plumed tail. The large, erect ears sit high on the head and close together. The eyes are large and almond-shaped. The head is wedge-shaped. The glossy coat is medium-long and silky, with a thin undercoat that is not prone to matting. Hair is longest on the tail, ruff, and back legs

Weight: 8-10 lbs.



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Turkish Angoras

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