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Somali Cat

Somali Cat
Photo Cortesy of Vivace Somali Cattery

Somalis appeared in the 1950s as offspring of Abyssinian matings with other breeds. Initially these longhaired Abys were considered undesirable and were not taken seriously. But in the 1970s, an American breeder recognized their beauty, named the breed (calling it Somali because of Somalia's geographic proximity to Ethiopia), and began an extensive breeding program. Since then its popularity has spread from the United States to other parts of the world. Somalis, longhaired Abyssinians, are gentle, bold, playful, and extremely busy, always seeking to be part of household activities.

Somali Cats are freedom-loving and dislike close confinement or restraint. Although not lap cats, they are companionable, people-oriented, and sociable with other animals. Their voices, though rarely used, are bell-like and pleasant.
Four colors are recognized by the major U.S. breed associations: ruddy (the darkest and most common of the colors), red (sorrel or cinnamon), blue, and fawn. European breed registries recognize additional colors.

Weight: 8-10 lbs.




Rita Bruche
Vivace Samali Cattery Vivace Somali Cattery of South Australia breeding stunning Somali and Abyssinian cats for companion or show. Vivace Cattery specialises in beautiful Somali cats in colours of Black Silver and Cinnamon Silver, other colours occ (Australia)
Somali Cat



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Somali Cat