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Siamese Cat

Siamese cats have been around for centuries in their native land of Siam (now Thailand) but were unknown in the West until the 19th century, when it became fashionable to own a Siamese cat. Siamese cats are loyal, energetic, and intelligent. They are also sociable and affectionate, and tend to follow their chosen human(s) around the home. Siamese are also very vocal, with a distinctive, deep, nasal voice. The persistent chattiness of this breed may be irksome to some, but Siamese-lovers find these cats' voices endearing.
The Siamese has the prototypical oriental physique: long and svelte from its wedge-shaped head to its tapering tail, with long, delicately boned legs supporting a tubular body. The nose, too, is long, while the ears are large and the eyes are deep blue and almond-shaped. The Siamese's short, silky, close-lying coat is most remarkable for the pointed pattern of colored extremities--face, ears, legs, and tail--which contrast with the paler body. Until the 1930s, breed registries recognized only the seal point color form (deep, seal brown points and a pale, fawn-colored body). Blue points (a bluish-white body with slate blue points), as well as chocolate points and lilac points, are now recognized.
Weight: 7-9 lbs.

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Renee Livingston
HIllsboro, KS 67209 Phone 316-772-2243

#1 Cattitude
#1 Cattitude breeds siamese with body type and eye color in mind. Our siamese kitten have STRIKING blue eyes! We specialize in Seals and Lilac pts, but will have choc and blue pts from time to time. Each of our kittens have the nice long tubler body type that the siamese are so famous for! Please conct me to see what is avaible at this time. Visit our website
Adrienne Smorra
Phone: 517-886-4196
Chi-Ninja Michigan breeder of CFA registered Traditional "Applehead" Siamese cats. Kittens are raised underfoot in our home. From our loving home to yours. Visit our Website. Siamese Kittens
Van Nuys
Phil Morini
phone: 818-780-0001
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Our KITTENS & CATS are to please.
Seal,Chocolate,Blue,& Lilac points.
Bred to CFA & TICA top show standards.
Pet,Breeder,and sure SHOW WINNERS.
Loving,Affectionate,& Purrsonality plus.
Grand Champion & D.M.Bloodlines.
Vet checked health Ok.All shots given.
Grand Champion STUD service.Will ship.
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Siamese Cats
Siamese Kitten



Siamese Cat

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