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American Curl Shorthair

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The American Curl is a relatively new breed. In 1981, an unusual stray found her way into the California garden of Grace and Joe Ruga. She was a black kitten with longish fur and striking ears that curled back in a graceful arc. The Rugas adopted her, naming her Shulamith. Shulamith had four kittens, two of which inherited her remarkable curled ears. Today, all American Curls trace their pedigree back to Shulamith.

The American Curl is another of nature's gifts to cat fanciers; the distinctive curled ears are the result of a natural, or spontaneous, mutation. Curls are friendly, affectionate, people-oriented cats, and make playful companions. They are even-tempered cats that adapt well to other pets in the household and actually seem to enjoy being around children

The American Curl is a medium-size, moderately muscular cat. It has a rounded wedge-shaped head and large, walnut-shaped eyes. This cat's most compelling feature is, of course, the backward-curling ears. Kittens are born with "normal" ears (that is, folded down, not standing up until the end of the first week or so), but by three weeks it's evident which kittens are destined to have curled ears. By four months the curl is permanent.

Weight: 7-10 lbs.



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