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Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex Cat
Photo courtesy of Conway's Saints and Kitty Corral

The foundation for this new breed of rex (curly-coated) cats was a unique, curly-coated calico kitten found in a Wyoming animal shelter in 1987. Bred with a champion black Persian in 1988, she produced three curly-coated kittens in a litter of six, proving that the rex gene was dominant. The breed was named after Wyoming's Selkirk Mountains. Selkirks are similar in temperament to the affable British Shorthair and the gentle Persian. While they are not lap cats per se, they are tolerant, easygoing creatures that happily cohabitate with people and other animals.
The Selkirk Rex, which may be bred with Persians, Exotics, or British and American Shorthairs, are rectangular, heavy-boned, muscular cats with a round, broad head and a short muzzle. The wide-set eyes are large and round; the ears are also set well apart and are rounded with pointed tips.

Weight: 9-11 lbs.



Becky Conway
phone: 605-437-2275
Conway's Saints and Kitty Corral We have a small cattery in South Dakota where we raise beautiful Selkirk Rex kittens. All of our adult breeders are out of Champion Bloodlines. In fact our male is a Double Champion. All of our kittens are raised with a lot of TLC and given the best vet care.
Selkirk Rex Cat



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Selkirk Rex Cat