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Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

The Savannah cat is an extremely rare cat with numbers ranging in the low hundreds world wide. The Savannah is an exotic hybrid which has been bred in domestic breeding programs originating from the wild Serval cat of Africa

The dry grasslands, knows as savannahs, of Africa are home to the Serval, large eared, spotted wild cat. Savannah Cats, named for the home of the serval, are the product of breeding servals to domestic cats. This is a beautiful cross that provides the beauty and elegance of the serval in a smaller cat the general public can enjoy with out special permits, and easier to manage than the full blooded wild cats.

The Savannah are beautiful miniature servals from their large, round ears to their short thick tail, black spots and most have the black 'tear drops' under the eyes. Colors range from light gold, tan to silver with black spots, can get to the upper 20 lb..

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Savannah Cat

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