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Russian Blue Cat

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American breeders imported them from both England and Scandinavia, and by combining the best traits from each line, achieved the standard admired in the United States today. Russian Blues are an intelligent breed, well mannered and fastidious, with quiet voices to match their gentle demeanor. Owners describe them as shy yet affectionate.

The Russian Blue is a long, fine-boned, graceful cat. Round green eyes are prominently featured on a triangular head with a blunt muzzle and erect, widely spaced ears. The Russian's lustrous, silver-tipped gray coat is one of its most distinctive features. The short, dense coat is so plush that it stands out from the body. It is said that the Russian's exquisite coat, prized by trappers, put it at considerable risk during the long subarctic winter.

Weight: 6-8 lbs.


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Russian Blue Cat