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Since a California breeder developed the Ragdoll in the 1960s, there has been much disagreement regarding the breed's history. Some sources claim that it is descended from a Persian-Birman cross, with a touch of Burmese. Others claim that all Ragdolls descend from the matings of two feral toms with the same Persian-type female. Ragdolls, named for their willingness to go limp in your arms, have an easygoing, docile temperament that makes them particularly good with children and other pets (though young children must be instructed not to take advantage of the Ragdoll's accepting nature by being too rough). Some breeders claim that they are so nonaggressive they won't even defend themselves when attacked. These gentle giants are sociable, playful, soft-voiced, and affectionate

Ragdolls, long and muscular cats, are slow to mature--they do not reach their (large) adult size and weight until they are three to four years old. The head is broad and softly triangular; the ears are broad-based and sit atop the head with a slight forward tilt; the large, oval, wide-set eyes are blue.

Weight: 14-18 lbs.

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Soulmate Ragdolls
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Ragdoll Cat