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Ragamuffin Cat

Photo Courtesy of Serendippity RagaMuffins

The Ragamuffin Cat was bred from the Ragdoll cat family. In 1994 Ragamuffin breeders requested to form a separate breed from the Ragdoll breed,which they were permitted to do.
A Ragamuffin female weighs between 9 - 17 pounds and the male weighs generally over 20 pounds. They mature between the ages of 2.5 to 4 years old. Even after maturity the Ragamuffin still acts like a kitten.

The Ragamuffin's coat is medium-long to long, it is very silky and plush and does not mat. Coat colors include mink, seal, gray, flame, smoke, chocolate, blue, lilac and red. The pattern colors of the coat are solid colors, bi-colors, calico and tabby. The Ragamuffin Cats eyes are large, oval and may be green, blue, amber or aqua.



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Ragamuffin Cat

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