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Oriental Shorthair Cat

Oriental Shorthair Cat
Photo courtesy of Texas Oriental Kitty Catz

In the late 1960s, fanciers created the Oriental Shorthair by breeding Siamese to American Shorthairs and Abyssinians. Oriental Longhairs were developed in the late 1970s by crossing Oriental Shorthairs with Balinese and Javanese. Members of the Siamese family, Orientals are cuddly, loquacious, and inquisitive cats. They like to climb and to retrieve objects, and are ingenious at finding new toys to play with.
The Oriental is a nonpointed Siamese that comes in hundreds of combinations of color and pattern. Orientals are long, lean cats with long, triangular heads; large, flared ears; and green, almond-shaped eyes Orientals may have short or long hair. Shorthairs have short, finely textured, close-lying fur. Longhairs have medium-length, silky, close-lying fur and a plumed tail(white Orientals may have blue, green, or odd eyes)..

Weight: 7-9 lbs.



Brenda Recio
Phone: 956-466-2958
Texas Oriental Kitty Catz We have been breeding Oriental Shorthair kittens for years. This breed is very loving and talkative. Our kittens have been raised in a multicat and dog environment. They are great with kids and have high energy. These OSH are being sold and shipping costs and pricing can be acquired through our website. Oriental Shorthair Cat




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Oriental Shorthair Cat