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The first Ocicat came about accidentally as the result of a breeding program designed to produce a pointed Siamese with a ticked tabby pattern. A chocolate point Siamese male was bred with a female that was part Siamese and part Abyssinian. The litter produced the intended Abyssinian-pointed Siamese, but also Tonga, an ivory kitten with golden spots resembling an Ocelot.
Although bred to look like wildcats, Ocicats have the dependable temperament of a domestic cat--they are playful and sociable and make devoted companions. Their Siamese and American Shorthair ancestry contributes to their wonderful way with children.
The Ocicat is a long, muscular, medium to large cat with almond-shaped eyes and erect, wide-set ears. The head is a rounded wedge. The Ocicat's lustrous, close-lying coat is randomly spotted. Each hair is banded: those within the spots are darker at the tip than those of the background. The spots can be tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, and fawn on a silver or nonsilver background.

Weight: 12-15 lbs.


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