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Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
Photo courtesy of Forestdolls Cattery

The domestic cat appeared in Norway sometime after A.D. 1000. The Siberian and the Turkish Angora, natural longhaired breeds from Russia and Turkey, respectively, have been named as possible precursors of the large, densely furred Norwegian Forest Cat, as have descendants of crosses between Angoras and Scottish Wildcats. Norwegian Forest Cats are gentle, friendly cats that enjoy climbing and, according to one source, fishing. They thrive in a busy household with lots of children, other animals, and plenty of action. While these cats love to be with people, they don't necessarily want to be on them.
The Norwegian Forest Cat is large, sturdy, and boxy, with back legs that are slightly longer than the front legs and paws tufted with fur between the toes. The head is triangular, with widely spaced ears and large, almond-shaped eyes that range in color from green to hazel to gold. White cats may have blue eyes or odd eyes.

Weight: Females range from 8 to 14 lbs, Males 12 to 18 lbs.



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Norwegian Forest Cat




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Norwegian Forest Cat