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Munchkin Cat (long hair)

The Munchkin breed descends from a stray cat with unusually short legs. Since cat fanciers got their first glimpse of this dwarfish feline at a show at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1991, the breed has created quite a stir, and its acceptance is not unanimous. The feline version of the Dachshund, this controversial new short-legged breed (named after the little people of Oz) is friendly, confident, talkative, and intelligent, with a wonderful sense of humor. Munchkins are extremely easygoing and so make great companions for children.
Apart from its shortened limbs, the Munchkin resembles a domestic long- or shorthaired cat. All patterns and coat colors are acceptable.

Weight: 8-10 lbs.

Photo curtesy of KlassyKittens Medieval Munchkins
IW Ch. BlueBonnet Maiden Galadrial (long hair)


Deborah & Marc Mordente
phone: (830) 895-9709
KlassyKittens Medieval Munchkins
We are a Texas Munchkin cattery dedicated soley to the Munchkin Breed. We are proud to be working with Champion cats of both breeds of Munchkins. Our cats are raised as family, not a product. Visit our website.
Ch. BlueBonnet Maiden Galadrial



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