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One kitten in a litter of Oregon barn cats was born hairless. The odd-looking kitten survived and grew a coat of curly hair. Curly, the aptly named tabby female, became the foundation female of this new breed. La Perms, which owe their curly coats, or perms, to a naturally occurring mutation, are outgoing, affectionate, and inquisitive. Unless they're trying to get your attention, they tend to have quiet voices.

Medium-size, curly-coated cats, La Perms have rounded heads with prominent, round muzzles and full whisker pads. The wide-set ears are also rounded and the eyes are large and almond-shaped. La Perms display a great diversity in hair length and fullness. Both short- and longhaired varieties have soft, curly coats; the hair is curliest at the base of the ears, and the whiskers may also curl.

Weight: 7-9 lbs.



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The home of the beautiful LaPerm and Siamese. Kittens are raised underfoot to be healthy and well-adjusted socialised pets. Show quality. Don't hesitate in contacting me for any more information, or pop in for a visit! We Ship.





LaPerm Cats


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