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Javanese Cat

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Breeders long recognized that when Siamese were crossed with domestic shorthairs to produce Colorpoints, the recessive gene for long hair sometimes found its way into the gene pool. These longhaired Colorpoints were effectively recycled as Javanese-longhaired Siamese in nontraditional colors.
The Javanese is part of the Siamese family. Like Siamese, Javanese are busy, talkative, curious cats that demand lots of attention.
Appearance: The Javanese has a sleek, tubular body; long, thin legs; a wedge-shaped head; blue, almond-shaped eyes; large, pointed ears; and a tapering, plumed tail. The medium-length coat is close-lying and silky and does not mat easily.

Weight: 7-9 lbs.



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Javanese Cats