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For centuries, the Bobtail was the closely guarded pet of Japanese nobility. In 1602, however, the Japanese authorities ordered all privately owned cats to be released into the countryside to combat the rodents that were threatening the lucrative silk industry. Bobtails are friendly, intelligent, very affectionate, and among the happiest breeds of cat. They're wonderful with children, and just about anyone else. They are also playful cats and enjoy carrying objects in their mouths and romping in water. Their voices are chirpy and soft.
The Japanese Bobtail is a medium-size cat, slender and well muscled. The legs are long and fine, with the hindlegs slightly longer than the forelegs. The stumpy tail, the result of a naturally occurring mutation, is covered by a fan of thick fur and resembles a rabbit's tail. The kinks and curves of the tail are unique to each individual cat, and the length ranges between one and three inches.

Weight: 7-9 lbs.

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Chotto Cattery Preserving purebred, pedigreed Snowshoe and Japanese Bobtail Cats for show, and companion pets. Grand Champion lines. All registry accepted colors. CFA TICA CFF ACFA.

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