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Honey Bear Cat

According to the breed legend, The Honey Bear breed was scientifically created in a laboratory by adding selected genetic material from a Skunk to a female Persian cat with excellent results - a large, good-natured cat filled with fun, spirit, curiosity and an endearing personality. They love to be handled and will "flop" in your arms once they get to know you.

Honey Bears love attention and are eager to please. They are a bit shy at first, hiding from people and situations that they are uncertain about, but once they feel safe in your company, you have a best friend for life!

Born with stripes, most kittens will lighten in color as they mature, although some Honey Bears coats darken with time and these stripes will reappear. As they age, the Honey Bears coat colors will change, and these stripes may turn into spots, fade or even disappear. Remaining stripes are usually found on the tail, legs or head and face areas.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Starzyk


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Michael Starzyk
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Honey Bear Starz Cattery Deep from within the beautiful Oregon forests of the Willamette Valley is a small, family owned and operated cattery dedicated to the very special Honey Bear breed of cats. Operated by Cindy and Michael Starzyk and registered by the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA), each cat is hand raised as part of our family. They have full run of our home after eight weeks of age and each cat and kitten receives plenty of attention and affection every day. All of our kittens are weaned and liter box trained by eight weeks of age, have current shot records, receive full physical checkup and health certificate from the veterinarian doctor (DVM), and our ready to leave the cattery after 12 weeks of age. Visit our Website
Honey Bear Cat


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Honey Bear Cats

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