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Himalayan Cat

In the 1920s, breeders from several countries attempted to create a cat with all the attributes of the Persian coupled with the distinctive color-point markings of the Siamese. They were somewhat successful, but it wasn't until the 1950s that persevering breeders in California and Great Britain achieved the success that resulted in a new breed, the Himalayan. The Himalayan, a Persian cat with Siamese coat colors, borrows heavily from the Persian side. This is a gentle, docile breed that copes quite well with children and other animals. Himalayans are, for the most part, quiet creatures that rarely vocalize.

CFA considers the Himalayan as just another color of the Persian breed. In TICA, the Himalayan is considered a separate breed, but is included in the Persian Breed Group, which also includes Exotic Shorthair cats. The AACE judges the Himalayan under its own separate breed standard.

The Himalayan is a medium to large cat with a short, compact body; short, thick legs; and a short, thick tail. These cats have the typically Persian broad face, snub nose, rounded ears set low on the head, and large, vividly blue eyes. Like Persian cats, the Himalayan cat tends to have a round body with short legs, which makes it harder for them to jump as high as other cats do. Some do have more of a Siamese-like body though, and can jump as high as seven feet and are more physically active in general. Like the Persian, there are two types of Himalayan Cats, the Traditional or Doll Face, and the Peke or Ultra-face with the more extreme "squashed" faces.

Weight: 9 to 12 lbs.
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Himalayan Cat



Himalayan Cats

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