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Highland Lynx Cat

Highland Lynx Cat

The Highland Lynx is a cross between two breeds. One of the breeds is the Desert Lynx, which is a bobcat hybrid. The second breed is the Jungle Curl, which is and African Jungle Cat Hybrid that has curled ears. As a result of this cross, the Highland Lynx has a rather distinctive look, with the ears of the Jungle Curl and a bobcat like body.The Highland Lynx is a large cat.

The males are around 17 pounds, but the females are smaller and are usually only ten or eleven pounds. This cat can have either short or long fur and the coat color can vary widely, although there are three main different color patterns, which include tawny, leopard, and marble.

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StarzCatz Cattery Here at STARZ CATZ we have some unique breeds of cats, with amazing personalities.We have Pixiebobs,Highland& Desert Lynx's. These cats are bobcat hybrids, meaning they have bobcat in their heritage. They have bob tails and tuffs on their ears. Their colors vary and their marking range from tabby striped and tabby spotted and marble.The Highland lynx's have ears that are curled back and some of them are polydactol, meaning they have extra toes.They are very unique. Visit our website
Highland Lynx Cat


Forest Cats of North America
by Jerry Kobalenko, Thomas Kitchin (Photographer), Victoria Hurst (Photographer) Cougars, bobcats, and lynx are "ghosts" rarely seen even by those who venture into the wilderness. This well-written book offers a good introduction to the lives of these three predators. In short, easily read sections, the author compares and contrasts the behavior and lifestyles of each species....
The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book
by Mordecai Siegal


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