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Devon Rex Cat

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The Devon's wavy coat was a natural mutation in a field cat found in Devon, England, in 1960. As with the Cornish Rex, fanciers inbred to select for the wavy coat, then outcrossed for vigorous health and color variety. Devon Rexes are busy, inquisitive, playful, affectionate, and extremely people-oriented. They are exceptional leapers and have been known to jump into their owners' arms and ride happily on their shoulders.
The Devon Rex is a slender, muscular cat with long forelegs and a broad chest. It is stockier than the Cornish Rex and has a broader head. The Devon Rex's muzzle is short, the eyes are large and wide-set, and the ears are large. The whisker pads are prominent, the whiskers curly, sparse, and short.

Weight: 7-9 lbs.



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Devon Rex Cat