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British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair Cats

In the 19th century, when it became fashionable to own a cat in England, felines from the far reaches of the British Empire and beyond were brought to England. Even Queen Victoria owned two Persians. Perhaps the arrival of these exotic breeds aroused a certain patriotism and encouraged the development of a truly British cat. The British Shorthair, oldest of the English breeds, is easygoing, untemperamental, and reserved, yet also extremely affectionate. These adaptable cats take children and other animals in stride.

The British Shorthair is most remarkable for its roundness: it has a large, round head; round, wide-set eyes and ears; and round paws. It is a solidly built, medium to large cat with a broad chest.

Weight: 9-12 lbs


West Paterson

Lucy Menshov
Phone:973- 837-8741
DandyBlue Cattery Dandyblue is a small cattery specializing in the original blue variety. We are active CFA exhibitors and produce very fine British Shorthairs. Our kittens are extremely well socialized, healthy and affectionate. Never caged, they are raised underfoot and in the lap. Our emphasis is on health and personality and finding just the right homes for our babies. Show and pet quality kittens with a written health guarantee may be available to loving homes. Visit our Website
British Shorthair Cats



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British Shorthair Cats