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In 1953 a breeder from Louisville, Kentucky, bred black American Shorthairs with sable Burmese, intending to produce cats with the sleek, shiny coat of the Burmese and the rich black tones of the American Shorthair. Although the Bombay retains the look of a wildcat, it is really a calm, gentle, and affectionate breed.

Appearance Like Burmese cats, Bombays have round heads and widely set ears, but they are slightly larger, with longer bodies and longer legs. Bright, copper-colored eyes are considered more desirable than gold eyes.The Bombay is the quintessential black cat, from the tip of the nose to the bottoms of the feet. The fur, jet black to the roots, is shiny and close-lying, accentuating the muscular build.
Weight: 8-11 lbs



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