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Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats

Hoping to produce an animal with the appearance of a spotted wildcat and the sweet disposition of a house cat, in the 1980s an Arizona woman began a breeding program with eight female descendants of crosses between Asian Leopard Cats and domestic cats. She named the new breed Bengal after the scientific name (Felis bengalensis) of the wildcat forebear. Described by the breed founder as the "domestic reproduction of a leopard," the Bengal descends from crosses between a wildcat and a domestic cat
The Bengal is a medium to large cat with a head that is longer than it is wide. It is bred to retain its wild appearance: sleek, long, and muscular, with the hindquarters slightly higher than the shoulders. The black-tipped tail is carried low. The Bengal has short, rounded ears; oval, wide-set eyes; prominent whisker pads; and rounder nostrils than other domestic cats.
Weight: 9-12 lbs.

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Hilltop Bengals Cattery

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Our goal at Hilltop Bengals Cattery is to produce an exotic yet good tempered and loveable domesticated Bengal cat. We have added championship bloodlines to our breeding program to ensure quality both in temperament and type of our kittens. We are now working with bloodlines from KatznJamr, Trendar, Gogees, Millwod, Drinkwater and Destiny.

All of our Bengals are registered through (TICA) we are also registered with TIBCS and TIBBA. All our kittens are raised in our home underfoot with all the love and attention that is necessary in producing a loveable, well socialized lap leopard for your home.

Bengal Cats
Arkansas Tracy Wilson
Wild Trax Exotics Small in home breeder specializing in Bengals and Egyptian Maus. We love spotted cats! Super sweet temperments, well socialized. Champion pedigrees. Health guarantee and written sales contract provided.
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Bengal Cats



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