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Balinese Cats

Balinese Cats

Some believe the longhaired Balinese derives from Siamese-Angora or Siamese-Persian crossing begun in the 1920s; others credit a spontaneous mutation as the source of the longhaired gene. In the 1950s, a California breeder began a program to develop the Balinese into a new breed. The Balinese is part of the Siamese family. Named for graceful dancers from the island of Bali, Balinese are very similar in temperament to Siamese: busy, extroverted, curious, affectionate, demanding, loyal, intelligent, and very good with children. They like to talk and can be noisy cats.
The Balinese, a longhaired Siamese, is a slim, medium-size cat. The head is long and triangular, with large, pointed ears and blue, almond-shaped eyes.
Weight: 7-9 lbs.
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Balinese Cats


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