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The first American-bred Domestic Shorthair to be registered as a pedigreed cat was a blue smoke named Buster Brown, registered in 1904 by Jane Cathcart. Breed standards for the Domestic Shorthair were eventually developed and improved, and the finest qualities of the hardy, now pedigreed, cats were preserved. In order to better differentiate these cats from their nonpedigreed domestic cousins, the breed was renamed the American Shorthair in 1966.

The American Shorthair is a robust, well-proportioned cat of fine intelligence and disposition--the quintessential American breed.

Appearance Shorthairs are medium to large in stature, powerfully built, and athletic. Their faces are wide and full-cheeked, with large, nearly round eyes. The ears are widely spaced and slightly rounded at the tips. The American Shorthair's coat is short and very dense. Breed associations recognize more than eighty colors and patterns; most common is the classic tabby pattern in silver, brown, or red.

Weight: 9-12 lbs.



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