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Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat

No one knows where the first Abyssinian came from, but there are several theories. Some literature supports the theory that progenitors of today's Abys accompanied British troops returning from Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) in the late 1800s. Other evidence suggests that the ancestors of the breed may actually have been natives of India imported to England by British merchants passing through Calcutta.

Abyssinians are gentle, bold, playful, and extremely busy, always seeking to be part of household activities. They are freedom-loving and dislike close confinement or restraint. Although not lap cats, they are companionable, people-oriented, and sociable with other animals. Their voices, though rarely used, are bell-like and pleasant.
The Abyssinian is a lithe, muscular cat of medium length. It has a rounded wedge-shaped head, expressive gold or green almond-shaped eyes, and large, moderately pointed ears.

Weight: 8-10 lbs.
Photo courtesy of Merindalee Abyssinians



Karel & Eileen Pittaway
Merindalee Abyssinians
We are Eileen & Karel Pittaway and we reside in Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia which is in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne at the foot of the beautiful Dandenong mountain ranges.

Our cattery prefix is "MERINDALEE" and our special hobby is breeding and showing Abyssinian cats to the STANDARD as set by the Feline Control Council of Victoria Inc. We established our cattery in 1974 and over the years we have bred many of Australia's finest Abys and exported to many parts of the globe. We have won numerous Local, Interstate and National awards and we pride ourselves on breeding healthy cats and supplying the very best possible. Visit our Website.




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