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Harriers are a type of scent hound bred for hunting hares and foxes in large packs. They are one of the few truly medium-sized breeds of dogs. Harriers stand between 19 and 21 inches at the shoulder, and weigh 45-60 lbs. They have short hair, hanging ears, and come in a variety of color patterns. A humorous, yet fairly accurate short-hand description of a Harrier is "a Beagle on steroids."

Coat color is not regarded as important in Harriers, so no color is preferred over the other. The typical Harrier is tan, black & white, with a black saddle blanket, tan on the head, ears & legs, and white on the feet, muzzle, chest, underside, blaze and on the end of the tail. However, tan, brown & white, or open-markings with lots of white are also fairly common.



Montgomery Alabama


Susan Stacy Lowder
Phone: (334) 290-0047
Down Home Harriers We are small-scale hobby breeders but second-generation at is as a profession. We test all our dogs for know health/genetic defects, are members of the Harrier Club of America and have signed it's strict code of ethics.
Harriers are a VERY rare breed, only about 7 litters are born/registered in North America per year. We have one litter planned for Spring of 2005 but our next will not be until at least 2007. Finding puppies in this breed, in general, can be difficult. If people REALLY want a harrier, they should expect to be placed on a waiting list.
If you have ANY questions about harriers, the Harrier Club, or our breeding/showing practices, please feel free to eMail us! Visit our website




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