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Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund

One of the dog breeds that is native to Finland, the Finnish Lapphund is a hardy, muscular, medium-sized spitz-type dog with a friendly disposition and is very keen to learn. It is one of the dogs that the nomadic people of Northern Scandinavia employed to hunt and herd reindeers., The Finnish Lapphund in particular is used by the Saami people to assist them in herding reindeers. As with other breeds of dogs, they are also used in the Laplands as watchdogs

The Finnish Lapphund is an old breed believed to be around since the 7000 BC based from various archeological cave paintings and writings that showed the presence of Arctic spitz breeds during those periods. It was believed that they were originally a guarding/hunting breed, able to protect the reindeer herd and same time hunt for food. With further domestication, the Saami found that these Arctic dogs are quite intelligent and trainable that they can be used to assist in reindeer herding
The breed is relatively a well balanced dog of small to medium size with a strong base and muscle. The average female Lapphund is smaller from its male counterpart and characterwise is more biddable. Males range in height from 46-52 cms (18-20.5 inches) while females range from 41-47 cms (16-18.5 inches). However, the breed standard specified that type is more important than the size.
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Finnish Lapphund




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